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  • Black American travelers spent $109.4B in 2019 and spent an average of $600 nightly
  • Women travelers spent an estimated $125B in 2021
  • Women make 80% of travel-related purchase decisions
  • Travel companies dedicated to woman-only clientele have increased by 230%

The numbers tell a story that the industry is not responding to. To this day, meaningful representation, opportunities, and support for these demographics are lacking.

We’re looking for sponsors and partners who are committed to supporting diversity and actively seek ways to create a more equitable and inclusive world.

You’ll come in contact with our niche community of Black women travelers, expats, digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and content creators through our:

  • Weekly podcast with over 82k downloads since 2019
  • Facebook presence of over 5.5k
  • Email list with an average open rate of 40.9%

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We have packages for every budget and can create bespoke packages for the right fit.

We’ve Been Featured!

We’ve Been Nominated!!!

What an honor Wanderful has nominated us for two Bessie Awards:

2021 Trailblazer Award
For the go-getter who has thrived in the past year in building her own empire and carving out a path for future leaders in the travel space.

2023 Social Impact Award (Winners Announced May 2023)
For an activity, campaign, or other initiative by an individual or brand that has shown innovation in ways that have positively impacted the travel community, or has developed their marketing in a sustainable and impactful way.

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