IBWTJ Call for Speakers

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Remember that time when Beyoncé dropped mystery boxes for sale and the buzz was buzzin, and folks were so excited that they just forked over the cash and speculated about what they just bought online with the #BeyHive.

Imagine folks being that titillated about your soul work. I already am!

We need your voice!

Submit your session idea and if your topic fits IBWTJ22, you’re in! As a reminder, we focus on travel, wellness, and creating an online income.

Here are the details:
1. All sessions this year are going to be pre-recorded.
2. Sessions are to be 1 hour and are due September 16th.
3. Pay for speakers is $125.
4. You’re also invited to attend IBWTJ22 for free in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Does everything sound good!!?? Submit your session here!

What to expect once your one-hour session is approved

About your one-hour session:
When recording, please try to have a quiet space with good lighting. And where possible, we’d prefer to see your lovely face. If graphics are necessary, that’s understandable. 

If you’re using music in your session, make sure it’s low enough that we can hear you clearly.

If you have a handout you’d like attendees to be able to download, please send that in when you send your session. 

Please refrain from selling your services or products in your recording. 

You can invite participants to connect with you through your website or social media.

When you’re done recording, you can email your session to this email address. 

As a reminder, sessions are due September 1st

Other stuff:

To help promo, I’d like to schedule a live with you to talk about what you’re teaching in your session. I’ll be in touch about that.

I’ll send you your speaker graphics as soon as I have them, and you can also set up an affiliate account to earn referral sales. 

And of course, you have a complimentary ticket to the conference in Tbilisi, so let me know if I need to reserve that for you.