Tbilisi Mastermind

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Get Focused!

A program with soul to help you love your work and travel lives.

Hi! My name is Wanda and I’ve been a digital nomad since 2016.

When I started traveling and working online, it became SUPER clear to me just how important connection and community are to my overall well-being and ability to make my travel and work lives meaningful.

Many digital nomads I’ve met experience the same desire to be around like-minded people, because let’s face it, life on the road can be tough. It can be easy to feel alone, get distracted, and drift from your mission to create a life you actually enjoy.

I started focusing on establishing an affirming community with substance back in 2017. From that community, I’ve been developing more intimate spaces to help those who are stuck, those who may be shy/introverted, and those who enjoy more focused attention. This led to my creating a mastermind for those who need:

💜 Accountability
💜 Community
💜 Space to work through challenges

I’m great at bringing people together who feel free to share, and safe enough to get to the heart of their true obstacles to getting what they want.

This sounds like exactly what I need right now!

The Tbilisi Mastermind isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution with a rigorous curriculum. This is a responsive program to fit the groups’ specific needs in the moment so that we’re all able to feel heard, make progress, and grow.

With a mastermind, you have the opportunity to engage in shared learning: benefit from the expertise of the group, and share your expertise with the group. That includes brainstorming, getting real-time feedback, and nurturing uplifting relationships in-person.

group of multiethnic people gathering around female speaker in studio

That sounds great Wanda, but I have a few questions!

Wanda, I’m not Black nor am I a woman 😅

It’s all good! In the last couple of years, I’ve opened myself to serve more than Black women.

Where is it and when does it start?

The Tbilisi Mastermind takes place at LOKAL Tbilisi CoWork and CoLive every Thursday at 1pm starting on July 7th till August 25th (8 weeks).

How much is it?

The Early Bird Price is $449 and after the early bird period, the price goes up to $599 per person.

How long is it?

Each mastermind session runs 1 hour and the entire mastermind runs for 8 weeks.

Who’s invited, and how many will participate?

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or are working a remote job, you’re invited! Whether you’re brand new or seasoned in work/travel, you’re invited! There will be a maximum of 10 people.

Ready to get out of your head and create some forward movement?

Have more questions? Reach out via email or WhatsApp! blackwomentravl@gmail.com

Here’s what previous mastermind participants had to share: