The Complete Guide to Exploring Tbilisi, Georgia

So excited to welcome you to #IBWTJ22!!! We’re taking Tbilsi, Georgia by storm. I’ve done all the footwork for you, so have fun discovering the ins and outs of this unique city. Where is Tbilisi, Georgia? Georgia straddles Europe and Asia. It shares borders with the Black Sea, Armenia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, and Russia. The original… Continue reading The Complete Guide to Exploring Tbilisi, Georgia

Come to Tbilisi, Geogia!

As Nomad Collective Crew, you get first dibs on info for events.  I care very much about your health and didn’t want to host an event where you could possibly catch the ick.  I finally decided to put together The Tbilisi Experience as an in-person part of the International Black Women Travel Jubilee this year… Continue reading Come to Tbilisi, Geogia!

Let’s Co-work!

We’re co-working on Monday. Can you make it? We’ll be using a room on Facebook in BWDNE

May Virtual Mixer

We’re getting together! and because you’re a Collective Member, this event is free for you! Sunday, May 29th at 1pm Eastern, come through for the sisterhood you’ve been craving. Let’s connect, catch up, and unwind. Here’s the link to attend:

LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs

In the Black Women Travel Mastermind, we’ve been talking a lot about giving ourselves permission to show up as who we’re becoming.  So as you step into your content creation, tour businesses, coaching businesses, updating your LinkedIn may be a part of that process for you.  This is a recording of a live presentation and… Continue reading LinkedIn for Entrepreneurs