Update! Free 1-Year TRAVELER Membership

We could all use some support, and Beth Santos from Wanderful has offered just that to members of my community. 

That’s right, a free 1-year traveler membership, and because you’re a part of my cherished Patreon Official Nomad Crew, you get first dibs. 

Thank you for supporting me, and I hope this membership can help to support you further.  

What’s included in this $99/year value?

✔ Exclusive member app + community

✔ Free admission to chapter events

✔ Daily virtual events

✔ Webinars + learning modules

✔ Community deals & discounts

✔ Wanderful dream job board

✔ Special perks at global events

Get yourself enrolled simply by using code blackwomentravl at checkout. 

*Note you’ll have to input your credit card info, but will not be charged anything. They just want it on your profile for signup. If I’m not mistaken, you’ll be able to remove your credit card info from the billing section after signup. 

You’ll get a reminder 7 days before your membership expires, and if your card is on file, then you’ll be charged if you haven’t cancelled your membership. 

Let me know when you sign up!!!

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